Friday, October 5, 2007

Out, out of that spot

I've started a little volunteer job as a traffic enforcer, of sorts. Starting at the end of the month, I'll be one of about two dozen volunteers in my town who will go around photographing cars parked illegally in handicapped spots or in fire zones.

We even get a small bounty on those we catch who ultimately are found guilty. It's supposed to be a small reimbursement for gas usage, but in fact, it's connected to whether the person is convicted and pays the fine. This should be fun. Most of the volunteers I met are motivated by their own experiences, of course. They had or have handicapped tags but routinely find people parking improperly, blocking their access. One fellow seemed especially angry, with armored cars that take handicapped spots really irritating to him.

I'm going out in a couple of weeks, after I get my badge, get sworn in and so on.

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