Saturday, October 20, 2007

Self-Appointed Authorities

Jeez, this is annoying. I just sent a complaint to the local police.

Lately, scores of motorcyclists have been going around in town, blocking traffic as they enter or leave major roads. It just happened again on a county road on Long Island --bikers blocked all lanes of traffic in both directions and from entering the road from either direction so their pack of friends could leave the Harley Davidson lot together. Everyone else, be damned. I would have liked to travel in a convoy to a music show Thursday night--good luck to me trying to stop traffic. I'm told that one of the guys blocking traffic is a cop.

Enough already--they don't have rights the rest of us don't have, no matter what they're doing. Why are the rest of us stuck waiting through two red lights so that they can claim ownership of the road?

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